If you are dreaming of clear blue waters and white sand, then Thailand , located in the mainland of South East Asia, is the place for your next holiday !! The country shares borders with Laos and Cambodia in the East, Myanmar in the North, Andaman Sea in the west and with the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia in the South. A gorgeous destination, it covers an area of 513,120 sq kms and is formed of many islands.

Be it the blissful, sun – kissed beaches, to the ancient relics,  the sparkling nightlife, the peculiar wildlife, the amazing Buddhist temples, Royal palace, the delectable cuisine or shopping , Thailand has something to offer every person of every interest!


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  1. Bangkok – offers all the big city tourist attractions, fantastic street food, relaxing massages, tuk tuk rides  and happening nightlife! It is also a heaven for shopaholics!
  2. Pattaya – Just a 3 hour drive from Bangkok, this city is famous for it’s beaches and water sports activities. Ideal for big groups!!
  3. Phuket – Only an hour and a half by air to reach this beautiful island from Bangkok, this is truly a dreamy one! One day trips to the gorgeous Phi phi island , with some superb snorkeling can be a lifetime experience here! Truly, a complete adventure filled holiday for the whole family.
  4. Koh Samui –  With it’s pristine and tranquil beaches, this place is nothing short of a honeymooner’s paradise.
  5. Krabi – A beautiful destination, where again, one can go on one day trips to the exotic islands and enjoy the sun and sand!! Again, a great place for water sports and adventure!
  6. Chiang Mai – From cliff jumping to elephant rides to the famous cooking classes, this place is a dream for all tourists. One of the most beautiful temple in Thailand, Chiang Rai,is also located about 5 kilometers from Chiang Mai.
  7. Khao Lak – If you are weary of crowded and commercialized beaches, but still like the comfort of civilization, Khao Lak is a must visit. The beaches here are long, beautiful and warm with a background of forested hills.Rafflesia, the largest single flower in the world can be found in Khao Sok National Park, only a few kilometers from Khao Lak.

Known for impeccable service, the hotels range from pocket friendly to utter luxury!

The people here are gracious hosts and will win your hearts with their smiles and charm.

But there’s so much more to the country than friendly faces. In fact, it’s impossible to sum up Thailand in a nutshell, because every part has something wonderful to offer!

One has to visit Thailand, to actually experience it and we at Globe n Beyond are always ready to make you “Travel your Dream”!

Exploring Vietnam and Cambodia!

Globe n Beyond is off to on a exotic holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia which will weave its magic around you.

In preparation, (which is as exciting as the travel itself!) we went through some extensive research to make sure our clients have the best holiday ever with us !! Be it history, ancient ruins , culture, serene beaches , islands, dense forests, mountains , shopping or delicious cuisine, we are going to be spoilt for choice in that part of Asia!!

Located in South East Asia,Vietnam shares its borders with South China Sea to the east, Cambodia and Laos to the west and China to the north. The beautiful landscape of rice paddies and wide tree-lined streets are guaranteed to leave us spellbound! The charming, warm and friendly people will win our hearts over with their graciousness. The sublime, fresh sea food will tickle our taste buds like nothing before ! And, after a great shopping trip, we can get pampered at one of the many spas. Hoi Chi Min, Halong and Hanoi , each,has adistinct diversity to offer. Truly, this exotic destination has woven its magic around tourists!!

Last year, we were fortunate to take a group of enthusiastic people on this journey , and, most of them couldn’t stop raving about Cu Chi Tunnels. A land mark in history, these fascinating tunnels take us into the raged Vietnam war . As we delve into an underground world of guerilla warfare in the incredible Cu Chi tunnels, we gained insight into the tenacity and resourcefulness of the Vietnamese

As, an, up close and personal history lesson on guerilla warfare, we actually climbed into the underground tunnel system that played a crucial part in the war and imagined what it would have been like to eat, sleep, work, cook… even go to school underground in a conflict raged Vietnam. Imagine underground hospitals, storage facilities, trap doors and living quarters!! These tunnels which show the resilience and tenacity of the Vietnamese, are considered a sacred place by the people! Located in the city of Saigon,truly , this is an experience to remember.


Cambodia is a small country in South east Asia with ancient history! Here, we relax the mind too, at one of the the world’s most ancient temple, of Angkor Wat, which offers a chance to find ourselves! Away from the temples, we have a lot of Cambodia to discover. While we get tuned in to the rhythm of rural life and landscapes of dazzling rice paddies and swaying sugar palms in Cambodia’s countryside, the cities charm us with their gorgeous coast / river sides and classy dining options. But, together, let’s discover the real treasure of Cambodia – it’s people, truly gracious, optimistic and happy !!

Once a collection of scattered ruins , Angkor is now an archaeological park where lies, Angkor Temple or Angkor Wat. The southern section of the east gallery is decorated by the most famous scenes at Angkor Wat, the Churning of the Ocean of Milk, the famous Hindu story, brilliantly executed through carvings that depicts 88 asuras on the left, and 92 devas, with crested helmets, churning up the sea to extract from it the elixir of immortality, Amrit . The Bayon temple, build somewhere in the 12th century, is a Buddhist temple which incorporates Hinduism. The smaller canvases are decorated with scenes from Hindu mythology and the churning of the ocean carvings. The outer wall of the outer gallery features a series of bas-reliefs, depicting historical events and scenes from the everyday life of the Angkorian Khmer. One of the main features is, the carving of the smiling image of Jayavarman himself.


Besides the gallant history of these places, our happy customers were delighted with the luxurious 5 star hotels and cruise they stayed in , immaculate service and knowledgeable guides . They tasted a variety of delectable, local cuisines on the tour, too.


Globe n Beyond’s relationships with the finest travel partners will provide you with superb amenities, 5 star hotel stays, and rare experiences, built especially for you!